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You Can Break Free Fast Eft Tapping: 3 Simple Steps to Get Unstuck and Attract the Life You Love Caryl Westmore

You Can Break Free Fast Eft Tapping: 3 Simple Steps to Get Unstuck and Attract the Life You Love

Caryl Westmore

Published October 2nd 2013
ISBN : 9781492379829
150 pages
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 About the Book 

Caryl shows you how to tap into the secret of your own healing powers using EFT Tapping. -- Dr Joe Vitale, star of The Secret and Law of Attraction and Hypnotic marketing bestselling author Caryls gift is helping you Break-Free Fast from where you are stuck, blocked or hurting in your life. I know because I doubled my income after working with her on money issues. -- Sylvia Muzzell, Property agent EFT Tapping (also called Emotional Freedom Techniques) can sky-rocket your success, dreams and goals. It helps you to break free from negative beliefs and past memories jamming your success system and blocking the flow of energy in your body and mind. So if you feel deep inside that you DESERVE A BETTER LIFE ...but cant think how to get /attract /create it...then buy this book because it shows you how to: easily do EFT Tapping combine EFT with the Law of Attraction to create a positive empowering future with all the money, love, health, peace and happiness you can imagine learn what neuro-scientists and medical experts say about EFT Tapping apply EFT Tapping to have a break-free aha for release from a past painful or traumatic memory that may be running or ruining your life NOW. understand why and how you MUST clear traumas experienced in infancy and early childhood how to use EFT to clear the blocks to getting on track with your Life Purpose Real life case studies to make you gasp at the speed and effectiveness of EFT Tapping. True stories include: healing a burst ear drum- helping a client recover from brain damage after he died under anaesthetic- using EFT tapping to overcome crippling procrastination- beating chronic writers block. These are just a few examples from the book. Plus...frank revelations of how Caryl used these tools to transform her own life from broke, homeless after a fire, divorced, alone and wanting to die at age 50 - to living her dream life today, married to her soul mate and travelling worldwide helping clients to break free. You Can Break-Free Fast EFT Tapping offers hope and healing to break free and start over using meridian psychology energy tool EFT tapping, plus the Law of Attraction, all packaged into a simple 3-step Break-Free Fast (EFT Tapping) Formula. About The Author. As I changed the beliefs and mindset of my own life, releasing traumas and imprinting from my early childhood by applying EFT Tapping and the Law of Attraction, I went from mess to spectacular success. Firstly, came a successful business in South Africa promoting workshops for international best-selling self-help authors and experts who trained me in emotional-energy healing. As a result of this training, for more than 10 years clients flocked to me for private sessions, attracted by the seeming miraculous break-throughs they heard I was getting. They knew I could help them to break free to live happier, healthier, richer lives. Not so long ago EFT was laughed at and considered woo-woo. For many years I had to believe in myself and the inner guidance that led me to discover and use EFT Tapping with myself and my clients. But today, thanks to advances in neuro-science, biochemistry and trauma research, EFT Tapping has reached a tipping point in gaining traction with thousands worldwide - including an estimated 5 000 doctors. Why? Because EFT works, often when nothing else will. Now its YOUR turn. Follow your heart and realize your dreams by following my Break-Free Fast formula. Scroll up, click the buy button & get started EFT Tapping today