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Game of Shadows (Sean Wyatt #6) Ernest  Dempsey

Game of Shadows (Sean Wyatt #6)

Ernest Dempsey

Kindle Edition
175 pages
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 About the Book 

THE PAGES WONT STOP TURNING Get two of Ernest Dempseys introductory action adventure thrillers plus a guide to the top 16 hidden mysteries on the planet FREE for a limited time. Look Inside for details. In the final days of World War II, aMore THE PAGES WONT STOP TURNINGGet two of Ernest Dempseys introductory action adventure thrillers plus a guide to the top 16 hidden mysteries on the planet FREE for a limited time. Look Inside for details.In the final days of World War II, a mysterious German U-boat was seen by a United States naval vessel in the Atlantic Ocean, just north of South America.Before the ship could fire upon the sub, it vanished.History tells us that, after the war, the German high command scattered across world hoping to evade punishment for their crimes.What it doesnt tell us is what they took with them.Priceless paintings?Rare sculptures?Vast treasures?Many of these things have been discovered but there is one that remains hidden. It was one of the most well-hidden, secretive experiments the Nazis carried out during the war and now someone is trying to unearth it.If they succeed, it could bring civilization to its knees.˃˃˃ Not if Sean Wyatt can help it. Sean Wyatt quit working for the United States government years ago but after recent events, hes come to realize his particular set of skills might still be needed to keep the world a little safer.With an evil mastermind behind a twisted plot, Sean is on the clock with less than 72 hours to find a Nazi device known as die glocke before a for-profit terrorist cell known as The Black Ring executes an innocent woman.Worse, if they get what they want, the terrorists will wreak havoc across the planet.˃˃˃ If Indiana Jones and Jason Bourne had a kid together, his name would be Sean WyattGame of Shadows is packed with suspense and romance, filled with conspiracies and intrigue, and leaves you wanting more in Dempseys breakthrough international mystery series.Travel with Sean Wyatt as he pieces together a sequence of ancient riddles in this suspense packed thriller.If you love fast, up-tempo stories that dont get bogged down in a lot of bull, this series of thrillers is for you. With crime, murder, suspense, mystery, and white hot action, youre sure to keep turning the pages until you realize the story just ended. But beware, this book is not for the faint of heart. In the world of high stakes adventure, things can get pretty violent. Youve been warned.˃˃˃ Interview with the author Q: What made you want to write an international mystery series like this?A: I grew up watching movies like Indiana Jones and The Goonies. Those movies were so fascinating to me. As a kid, I always wanted to be an adventurer that discovered ancient treasures, not for the financial wealth, but because I always thought, and still think, it must be so amazing to find something that someone left hidden hundreds or thousands of years before. At that moment, you are the first person to see that artifact in a long time. I also love suspense action fiction stories, terrorism novels and television shows, and especially enjoy a good thriller about conspiracies and secret societies. Jack Reacher, Jason Bourne, Jack Ryan, are all pulp heroes I can root for. It seemed logical to make Sean Wyatt like one of those guys, but one that also has a background in history, making him the Indiana Jones of action adventure thrillers.Q: There are several books in the Sean Wyatt series. In what order should they be read?A: The first three are a trilogy, but you can read them out of order if you really want to.