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Resident Survival Guide John E. Murphy

Resident Survival Guide

John E. Murphy

Published 2011
ISBN : 9781932658828
142 pages
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 About the Book 

ACCPs Resident Survival Guide, written by Dr. John Murphy and a team of experienced clinical faculty and preceptors, offers clinical pharmacy residents a valuable roadmap for negotiating their residency experience. Students who make the momentous decision to seek a residency will find this important choice will open up many opportunities and present many challenges. Throughout their residency programs, ambitious students transition into superbly skilled and licensed professionals. They are able to take advantage of the opportunities to acquire knowledge while also confronting heavy workloads, patient care responsibilities, challenging assignments, and demands on their time from preceptors, team members, and students. The Resident Survival Guide has been developed to assist residents in meeting these challenges and taking advantage of these opportunities. The cadre of experienced authors -- leaders in the clinical pharmacy profession -- offer potential and current clinical pharmacy residents insights and advice for understanding and learning to manage the challenges they face while gaining the most lifelong advantages from their residency experience.